Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder is a ball (humerus) and socket (glenoid) type joint. The normal shoulder surfaces are covered with cartilage, which helps the bones slide across one another.


Arthritis is a wearing down of the normal cartilage surfaces. The loss of cartilage leads to a lack of smooth gliding, which causes pain and deformity of the shoulder.

arthritic shoulder

There are surgical and non-surgical ways to help deal with shoulder arthritis. If you have a noticeable decrease in motion and pain upon movement of your shoulder, make an appointment with Dr. Bahu. He will explain current treatments and help you decide if shoulder replacement is right for you.

shoulder surgery10

Dr. Bahu trained in New York City at the institution where the modern shoulder replacement was first performed. He carries this tradition on by using the prosthesis developed by his mentor, Dr. Bigliani.